ICICI Connected Banking

ICICI bank customers can directly use their bank account for different purposes from Geniebooks using ICICI Connected Banking.
To use ICICI Connected Banking using Geniebooks, follow these simple steps :

Create Bank Ledger in Geniebooks

  • 1. Log in to your Geniebooks Account
  • 2. Select the Company for which you want to use ICICI Connected Banking
  • 3. Click on Banking tab from left navigation menu
  • 4. Click on Add New to create your bank ledger
  • 5. Fill up the ICICI bank account details
  • 6. Click on Create your banking ledger in Geniebooks

Register for ICICI Connected Banking

  • 1. Once Bank Ledger added Successfully, Bank Ledger will appear as follows in Banking List :
  • 2. Click on Connected Banking Button
  • 3. Following screen will Appear
  • 4. Verify your account details
  • 5. Enter Corp ID and User ID provided by ICICI Bank
  • 6. Enter Alias ID of your choice
  • 7. Read and Accept the Terms & Condition
  • 8. Click on Submit button
  • 9. After Registration Bank Ledger will look like below

Approval from ICICI Account

  • 1. Now go to ICICI Corporate Banking Portal.
  • 2. Login using you ICICI credential.
  • 3. Click on Connected Banking Tab on Left Navigation Menu.
  • 4. Click on Connected Banking Approvals.
  • 5. Aggregator Approval list will appear.
  • 6. Select the one with Aggregator name GENIEBOOKS and click on APPROVE button.
  • 7. After Approval Connected Banking option will be available automatically in Banking page